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What do you like most about your Sea-Doo Spark?

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Thought it would be a good conversation starter to ask "What do you like most about your Sea-Doo Spark?"

There are plenty of PWCs out there, but the Sea-Doo Spark stands out from the rest. What do you like most about it?
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The main reasons for me:

Lightweight design is FUN and reminds me of the 90's skis. (I don't care for 70mph couches)
Fuel economy is amazing considering the performance.
iBR makes docking/trailering a piece of cake.
Most importantly, you can get a brand new ski for the price of something used.
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I was actually in the market for a used 4 stroke ski but the only ones I could find were gigantic, heavy couches. I wanted something light and maneuverable like my old skis but that was also reliable and efficient - the Spark fit that perfectly.

It handles a lot like my old 2 strokes - I love riding it.
Plus it helps that it's really cool looking.
Lightweight,great handling,great acceleration,low fuel consumption and decent price.
All the above!!!
I hate when someone says, "why would you buy one of those and not a real Seadoo". I tell them you wouldn't say that if you tried it. Most people take a second look when I'm towing a rider on a tube with a spotter on the back of my 3up at 40mph.
Long time boater... First time Jet Skier....

Love the unloading and loading of a jet ski vs a boat....

Love the gas milage...

Love the fact that I can go where ever I want on the lake, been up the river much father than I would EVER take any of my former boats...

Its just plain fun... People smile on jet skis... Boats are sooooo much more work... like docking... such a pain the arse...

Anyways... my 2 cents!

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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