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China coffee machine Portafilter is a component in espresso machines that holds the grounds during the brewing process. It is an essential step to make an aromatic and delicious fluffy coffee. It is necessary to select what type of portafilter you are using in your espresso machine. There are bottomless portafilters which professionals and everyday regular filter use.
So, how to select between the two. Let’s explore the advantages of using a bottomless portafilter.
What is a bottomless portafilter?
A bottomless portafilter has an open underside. It can be formed by modifying the regular one or grabbing a new one from the market. On the other hand, the normal regular one has an enclosed basket with a solid bottom with spouts, through which the coffee flows into the cup.
What is the advantage of a bottomless portafilter?
The main reason to choose the bottomless portafilter is that it is a learning tool and Improves the espresso technique. Further, it will provide you an open view of how coffee mixes with the ground and enable you to see the delicious espresso. Also, seeing the whole process of coffee being flowed out of the basket will allow you to identify any flaw during the extraction.
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