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Are you aware of the beam splitters? And what is the function of beam splitters? Beam splitters are optical components that split incident light into two separate beams at a designated ratio. Additionally, beam splitter filters are also used, allowing the reverse to combine two different beams into a single one. Let's find out some facts about these splitters and their two construction: cube or plate.
What is a Beam splitter?
Beam splitters are optical elements that split the beam with the help of polarization or intensity, wavelength. They are divided into P-polarized and reflected S-polarized beams. The uses unpolarized light sources and applies to those which don't require polarization. Polarizing beam splitters allow optical isolation and other polarization separation applications.
Comparison of Cube and Plate Beam splitters
  • Cube Beam splitters
Easy Integration with 0° AOI
No Beam Shift
Equal Reflected and Transmitted Optical Path Lengths
Shorten the Optical Path of a System
Heavy, Solid Glass Construction
Complex, and More Expensive to Make in Large Sizes

  • Plate Beam splitters
Relatively Inexpensive
Accessible to Manufacture in Larger Sizes
Reflected and Transmitted Optical Paths are Different Lengths
Beam Shift of Transmitted
The 45° AOI may Require Additional Alignment Time
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