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What upgrades are recommended after V-tech tuning (E85) the Spark?

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I have a Spark 3-up which I recently tuned with the vtech E85-tune. So far so good, I really like it! My question is this, if I look to upgrade my Spark further what kind of upgrades would you recommend?

I've been looking into the Solas 12/17 impeller. What is the difference between the 12/17 and the 13/18 version? Other than the impeller change I don't know what change would make the most difference. I almost only run the ski in fresh water if that makes any difference. Obviously I don't want to throw away money just for the fun of it so it has to be worth its price as well.

In short, what upgrades would you recommend to complement the already good Vtech Seadoo Spark? Maybe in a specific order if possible.

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Other than the impeller, if you have iBR then maybe VTS, if not then perhaps manual reverse.

I am curious as to the difference in the Vtech e85 tune?
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