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What would you do brand new with damage

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I picked my spark up from the dealer. I immediately took the top off when I got home. Started looking it over and found one of the channels that the plastic block nut slides into for the sponsons broken. I called the dealer and sea doo and they said it should be warranted. But I don't know how I feel about having my brand new spark tore all the way down so they can replace the bottom of the hull for something so minor. Especially when its a brand new model and the dealer has never had one tore apart like this. Here are the pictures.


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if its BRAND NEW

just ask for another one?

cant you technically just return it? lol
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I wouldn't exactly call it brand new when you find something ebing tampered with or broken like that. I would bring it back immediately and file a complaint with the images attached.

Let us know how your going with this. Just interested to see how they will compensate for soemthign like that.
x2 see if they'll take it back on an exchange. thats fecking tish to have your brand new sparker already all mucked up from some factory bozo...
If there was a defect with it right when you got it than I would ask (demand) a new one that doesn't have any problems. You shouldn't be on the hook if it was broken when you bought it.
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