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Fabric plays a vital role in providing comfort to you while sleeping. Cotton Printed bed sheets are getting in demand these days. The polyester sheets are not the right fabric for every situation. However, they are washable, budget-friendly, and washable. Still, some chemicals in the polyester fiber include petroleum by-products, coal, alcohol, and carboxyl acid, which are not suitable for health and skin.
Cotton Vs. polyester sheets
So, people have started to switch from polyester bedsheets to cotton as they have high-performance feels softer and firm. They are highly versatile, reliable, and comfortable, and the most popular natural fiber. Having an ideal material for your bedding. Some qualities of cotton bed sheet are:
Breathable yet absorbent.
Soft yet incredibly durable and reliable.
Have natural hypoallergenic substances
Easy to maintain and wash
No such chemical use, unlike polyester
On the other hand, polyesters are less breathable, traps heat and moisture when you are sleeping, so they are not suitable for summer and hotter regions. Moreover, they are water-resistant and absorb grease and oil, making it difficult to remove stains from them. Also, the polyester bedsheets
can be irritating to sensitive skin and too prone to static and pilling.
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