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‘Lo all, hope everyone’s hav)ng (had?) a season of great memories!

Hey, I’d like to order a replacement starter relay for our 2019 Spark TRixx; HOWEVER; it appears the 2019 starter relay may be different from preceding years.

To start, I referenced the online 2019 SEA-DOO SPARK TRIXX ELECTRICAL SYSTEM SCHEMATIC:
2019 Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX Electrical System | Fox Powersports Sea-Doo Partshouse

and came away with Part # 278003012

Using that # to search I’ve come up with more than one type of starter relay, different in appearance and price.

Can anyone advise which’s be the best bet … ?

First, this one, apparently “by” SeaDoo and from Seminole Watersports:

Secondly, this one from Commercial Navigation: Starter Solenoid Relay for Sea Doo GTS GTX GSI GSX 278002347 278003012 : Automotive

And, third, this one from Caltric:

Despite the adage: “advice is often an answer we don’t want to hear” I’m gonna ask anyway - is this starter relay the kind of thing it is worth my spending two and a half times more for “the SeaDoo” product ($45) vs the other two, each less than $20???

Thanks in advance!

ETA: I went ahead and just ordered the OEM (BRP) starter relay, via Seminole PowerSports (wifey reminded me that, this summer, our granddaughter effectively commandeered the TRixx as “hers” and wifey asked, “Are you really gonna worry about $25 versus the machine going from rough starting (which it started this past season) to crapping out on the kid, when she is away from our dock?)

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